We love you Nashville!!!

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If you were not at The 5 Spot on February 7th 2013 let me just say that you missed a show that set the standard for how all other shows should be judged in 2013. It was a night jam packed with great music, great energy, and a great crowd! We had the opportunity to kick off the show with some good old fashion duo Rock n Roll. Introducing for the first time in Nashville our new song “Bury Your Bones” and a cover of a Robert Johnson classic 32/20 Blues. We also played a song I co-wrote with my good friend, Quinton Parker, several years called “Are You Home” it was unrehearsed but requested so we delivered and got some new fans out of the deal! Some of our great friends Wes Carter and Ryan French came down from Manchester, TN to see us and celebrate Ryan’s bachelor party! We first met them in the summer of 2012 at The Music Tree festival. It was truly an honor for us to get to play for them again in our hometown of Nashville this time. We wish you the best Ryan! Speaking of Trees……How about The Static Trees.

These guys put on a great show every time we see them. We hate to put a label on them but they are just straight up old school Rock N Roll. In between their own catchy, electrified riffs and powerful vocals they gave us a taste of some of their idols with covers by Tom Waits and the great Elmore James. Next time you see The Static Trees listed for a show in near you do yourself a favor and go!!! We promise it will be worth it.


The headliners of the night were a great group of guys called Chalaxy.Talk about energy, they
poured everything they had into the set and left their fans elated and wanting more! With elaborate stage lights and a broad sonic spectrum of instruments they had the audience captivated and entranced.

Nashville the next time we see you will be March 30th at 12th and Porter. The Static Trees will playing with us again. Be there!!!! Until next time we love you and cannot wait to see ya again!

~Tenn Pound Hammer



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