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It’s about to get real!!!

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VICTORY IS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tenn Pound HammerLadies and Gentlemen 2013 is about to get a whole lot better. Our self titled debut album is set for digital and physical release on Tuesday June, 04. We are proud of the record we produced, and promise that you will enjoy every rock n roll minute of it.

A big thanks goes out to everyone that helped us along the way. God, our families, Michael Saint Leon our engineer, Goldy our awesome photographer, Cory Seib our patient investor, and every venue and amazing fans we have met along the way!


Jezebel Blues


On The Horizon

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Hey everyone I just wanted to take a moment to talk about what we have coming up in the next couple months. We just signed up for Nashville’s Music City Mayhem. If we get chosen to perform in it and win we will have the opportunity to play at the summer concert series Live On The Green!

We are heading to Louisville this weekend to play at our favorite Kentucky venue Third Street Dive. We hope you can make it out and rock n roll with us. Wednesday the 20th we will be heading out for our first Chattanooga show at The Hones Pint with my good friend Brandon Curtis.

Our album should be through with mastering in the next two weeks and we are hoping our March 30 Nashville show can become our March 30 CD release show so keep your fingers crossed for that!!!

We are believing that big things are going to happen for us in 2013 and we appreciate all of the prayers and support helping us get there!

We will see ya soon! Oh yea by the way I am working on a new song. I am leaking the title “Keep Your Hand To The Plow” oh yea it is gonna rock!

~ Tenn Pound Hammer


We love you Nashville!!!

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If you were not at The 5 Spot on February 7th 2013 let me just say that you missed a show that set the standard for how all other shows should be judged in 2013. It was a night jam packed with great music, great energy, and a great crowd! We had the opportunity to kick off the show with some good old fashion duo Rock n Roll. Introducing for the first time in Nashville our new song “Bury Your Bones” and a cover of a Robert Johnson classic 32/20 Blues. We also played a song I co-wrote with my good friend, Quinton Parker, several years called “Are You Home” it was unrehearsed but requested so we delivered and got some new fans out of the deal! Some of our great friends Wes Carter and Ryan French came down from Manchester, TN to see us and celebrate Ryan’s bachelor party! We first met them in the summer of 2012 at The Music Tree festival. It was truly an honor for us to get to play for them again in our hometown of Nashville this time. We wish you the best Ryan! Speaking of Trees……How about The Static Trees.

These guys put on a great show every time we see them. We hate to put a label on them but they are just straight up old school Rock N Roll. In between their own catchy, electrified riffs and powerful vocals they gave us a taste of some of their idols with covers by Tom Waits and the great Elmore James. Next time you see The Static Trees listed for a show in near you do yourself a favor and go!!! We promise it will be worth it.


The headliners of the night were a great group of guys called Chalaxy.Talk about energy, they
poured everything they had into the set and left their fans elated and wanting more! With elaborate stage lights and a broad sonic spectrum of instruments they had the audience captivated and entranced.

Nashville the next time we see you will be March 30th at 12th and Porter. The Static Trees will playing with us again. Be there!!!! Until next time we love you and cannot wait to see ya again!

~Tenn Pound Hammer




We will see you in Nashville!

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We are going to be tearing up the stage on February 7th at The 5 Spot in downtown Nashville. Come on out and get an ear full of some Tennessee grown rock n’ roll! We will be opening for our new friends The Static Trees who absolutely blew our minds at our last show at 12th and Porter. If you are looking for an overdose of blues and fuzzed out rock you found the right show! See ya there at 8PM



I Got Gold (new album single release)

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Hey everyone, Jon and Ian here from Tenn Pound Hammer. As many of you know we have been working hard on our debut album Devil Train and we are very close to releasing it. We have an album that we are proud of and we have decided that we cannot wait to let people start hearing it and sharing it so we are putting our single “I Got Gold” up on I-Tunes and our website for sale Tuesday May 1st. We hope you all enjoy it and be on the lookout for our album release!!! We love ya’ll.




Pictures from the road!!!

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Hey everyone! As you know Tenn Pound Hammer had the privilege of playing on Knoxville’s WDVX Blue Plate Special this past weekend. Our photographer and biographer, Brittney, tagged along with us and snapped some shots of the trip. We have added a new photo album to our website that documents all the pictures taken from our Knoxville trip. All you gotta do is click on the pics tab at the top of our page and YOU’RE THERE MAN!

We would just like to thank everyone again that was in attendance, or listening to the broadcast via internet. We would also like to thank the Blue Plate Special for having us, and Brittney  for working so hard to make us look cool, and taking these great pictures for us! We love yall! Like for real!

~Tenn Pound Hammer




Stories from the WDVX Blue Plate Special performance

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Hey all you Hammer heads! Many of you tuned in via radio and internet to our live performance on the WDVX Blue Plate Special this past Friday. Thank you so much for the support and helping us make that performance a huge success. I have posted below and on our music page a streaming player that contains each song that we performed that day so you can relive the day with us! Feel free to share it.

I thought instead of just posting these songs and letting you listen freely I would add some fun commentary as well so you can be more a part of the experience!

Fun Fact #1
The first song we played is called “Get To Steppin.” This song was a fun one to play in this stripped down acoustic setting. If you listen closely around the 1:30-1:40 mark you hear me tell Ian “let’s take it up a notch.” I was feeling good and my left foot was starting to get the holy spirit, but when it came pounding to the ground it knocked loose one of the wires on my pedal board which created that wonderful distorted noise that you hear in our first verse. Hahaha. All I could do was laugh to myself and think well at least we got that out of the way. Our first mistake of the day on a live broadcast. The sound man was great and was literally on the stage in less than 1 sec to fix the issue by turning off my amp.

Fun Fact #2
We could not fit Ian’s acoustic guitar in my Ford Escape along with all the other gear that we needed to bring on the Blue Plate Special without putting our lives in jeopardy. We decided instead that Ian would play my electric guitar during “Are You Home” however when Ian went to play it was still turned off from the song before. So Ian was sitting on the stage like a goober holding a guitar that was not turned on. Bless his little pea pickin’ heart!

Fun Fact #3
The rest of the tunes pretty much went off without a hitch except for our unexpected addition “Call On The Name Of The Lord.” During the first verse of the song I snapped a string on my guitar. It was very difficult to play because the string was caught in between the fingers of my fretting hand. When you hear me stop playing at 1:16 that is when I was finally able to move the string out of the way. Those are always interesting situations because the challenge is to handle the situation without anyone realizing there is a problem.

Fun Fact #4
I Know I’ve Been Changed was my favorite song of the set because it was completely electric and it was our chance to showcase our real sound. I was playing through a 80 watt Fender Blues Deluxe amp but the room was so small that I was playing on volume level 1, that is what true rock n roll is all about. hahaha. The crowd participation was phenomenal, everyone was clapping and having a great time with us! We could not have asked for a better audience and ending to our performance

We hope that you enjoy the music and the stories from that day. Thanks for listening and reading. We love you. Have a blessed day!

~Tenn Pound Hammer



Welcome To Our New Home!!!

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Hey everyone welcome to our new website! Take a look around and make yourself at home. Check out our pictures, videos, tour dates, and don’t forget to sign up for our email list so you can get your free download of our single “You’re My Girl.” Thank you all so much for all of the support!