Tenn Pound Hammer is smashing into the music scene with the sounds of dirty rock and soul music. Their heavy, vintage sound shatters modern rock and roll, crumbling it back to its original edge. Tenn Pound Hammer is not only taking a swing at a grungy, bluesy style, but cracking down on a sound that they can call their own.

The duo had been friends since their early teenage years. Then in October 2010, Jonathan Grisham asked Ian Stewart to perform with him at a birthday party, solely because Stewart knew how to play every Beatles song ever created. That night was the start of a unique and different musical styling for Grisham and Stewart and they quickly realized they were not only passionate about their chemistry while performing, but in the music they could create as a band.

Since that night, Jonathan Grisham has been grinding out lead vocals and rugged guitar riffs while Ian Stewart pounds down the soul of rock and roll with every blow, complimenting the melody with overtones of harmony. Their first album entitled Tenn Pound Hammer, scheduled to be released in March 2013, features feel good rock songs such as “You’re My Girl” and “I Got Gold,” which fuse pop with soul and rock. Southern-gothic styled songs such as “Devil Train” and “Jezebel Blues” bring the album back to a deep-rooted blues sound. The heartfelt ballad “Are You Home” softens the album just enough to create a dynamic that makes their self-titled release an album that can carry the weight of the Tenn Pound Hammer duo.

Tenn Pound Hammer’s name is derived from the desire to connect a rustic attitude with their home state of Tennessee. The two have performed in many prestigious venues in their very own Nashville area, including the Mercy Lounge and The Basement, and will be venturing out on their first South Eastern tour in the Summer of 2013 to promote their debut album.

Tenn Pound Hammer is thrilled about the opportunity to use their gift of music to glorify God and identify with people who have experienced past lifestyles that brought them closer to God. All of the songs on the album Devil Train are derivatives of Jonathan Grisham’s life prior to becoming a Christian. Tenn Pound Hammer is not only hammering out a unique sound, but telling the story of passion that goes beyond the Devil Train.